Our firm, founded in 2003, specializes in the sale, rent and acquisition of investment properties, appartments, houses, offices and storage space.
We offer properties for sale in both Belgium and Florida
The majority of properties we bring to the market are renovated by us (or might be in the process of undergoing renovations) We tend to select properties on carefully selected geographic locations to ensure continued value appreciation for our extended family of customers. Throughout our long professional career we have developed a special niche for so-called “character houses” (mansions built in the late 19th century or early 20th century) that are often situated in the heart of the European neighborhood in Brussels.
To guarantee the best possible service we are registered as an accredited GENERAL CONTRACTOR.
Investing in residential or commercial real estate through IMMO B&H comes with a plethora of advantages:

  • Personalized and detailed analysis of your needs as a buyer
  • Your questions always answered. In detail. And with clarity
  • Direct negotiations with the owner, contractor, or seller, without interference from agents.
  • Guaranteed best prices
  • Warranty on executed works and post-labor service that is a favorite of our many satisfied customers
  • Peace-of-mind on perfect code compliance, both related to planning and zoning as well as to executed works.
  • Flexibility with regards to finish upgrades and/or custom improvements, always preceded by precise and jointly agreed-upon specifications.
  • If interested, on-the-fly changes to interior and finishes to accomodate your design preferences
  • For the properties/appartments we renovate we guarantee the quality of work (consequently, little to no reserve capital is needed to accomodate unexpected expenses)
  • Ownership is often organized into small co-ownerships, with few maintenance costs and the possibility of autonomous governance without the need for a “syndicus” (the paid representative of a cooperative according to the “Reglement de Division Simple”, which loosely translates to the “Rules of Unconflicted Separation of Ownership”)
As professional real estate brokers we take time to fully inform you of all aspects of your real estate transactions, most notably:

  • Advice to young people who wish to purchase their first home (residence)
  • Advice to aliens who wish to live in Belgium
  • Information regarding benefits accorded to first-time home-owners
  • Advice to investors (new or experienced)
  • Expert advice on real estate services
  • Information on real estate market values
  • Advice related to renovations and associated costs, insurance, mortgages etc. Information on the rules and regulations of co-ownership…
  • Or any other service generally related to real estate
  • In addition, we can guide you to interested buyers for properties you might want to sell. Decision-making windows for these transactions typically do not exceed 48 hours.

We offer certain properties for sale that have been under our care and supervision and that we are therefore intimately familiar with.

We tend to select properties on carefully selected geographic locations to ensure continued value appreciation for our extended family of customers.